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>> Dec 21, 2008

I like to take children and baby photography as I luv to capture their expressions. It's hard to snap their pics as they are moving most of the times.

During my trip to KL, I've visited a friend of mine who've just gave birth to a baby girl. I've taken some pictures of their baby girl who is 1 month and 3 weeks old.

#1. She knows I'm taking her picture ya. She's looking at me. :)
#2. Her daddy is comforting her back after she finished her milk.
#3. Her little foot.
#4. Playing with her saliva huh...
#5. Trying to talk...? #6. She had a pair of big round eyes. Very kawaii ... :-)


keaneik 12/21/08, 10:04 PM  

WoW the picture all seems very nice. Thanks for uploading my daughter's picture in your blog. I think to take a baby shot is really hard and it takes time for them to post the natural posing. You are doing great in it. Keep it your blog to view more nice picture.


Allie 12/21/08, 10:07 PM  

Kean Eik,
It's my pleasure to snap pics of your daughter. She's so cute. :)

Penang Tua Pui 12/22/08, 11:47 AM  

as what I mention.. for kids and baby shooting.. we need to balance between the ISO and the shuttle speed.

for me.... i would rather shoot it outdoor (great natural light), else shoot at shopping mall.... very bright area.

Easy King 1/5/09, 10:07 AM  

such a lovely baby!
wish to have a baby girl soon.

vkeong 1/6/09, 10:39 AM  

PTP: it's shutter speed..

anyway nice pics but i noticed quite they are quite grainy. ganbate!

Allie 1/6/09, 3:50 PM  

Yea. Cos I took it with ISO 1600 :-p

Uncle Lee 1/14/09, 5:32 AM  

Hi Allie, beautiful photos. Outstanding!
I too love photography...and taking portraits is my love.
I agree with you children are tough to take, but candid shots are nice too.

I take portraits of our lady friends, matured wives...they bring their sarongs, cocktail dresses or cheong sums and I make them look sassy thru my camera lens, ha ha.

And my reward? Its their loud exclaimation, "OHHH MY GOD! Is that me"? Ha ha.
You have a nice day, Lee.

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